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Formed in 2005, our advertising strategies have always been rooted in strategy and guided by data. In 2009, we set our sights on digital media and reoriented our focus toward programmatic advertising. With the shift, we immersed ourselves into data analytics and in turn, developed more accurate performance forecasts for our clients. The strong focus on technology and data has refined our media capabilities and has given us the ability to generate higher ROI’s for our clients.

Digital Media Campaigns

Using programmatic tools, we go down the sales funnel with a client to see how we can best activate their website and our campaign effectively enough to drive the results that our client desires.

Campaign Development

It all begins with uncovering key insights, setting objectives and recognizing a strategic approach. This manifests itself into the framework that guides the account’s trajectory.

Strategic Partnerships

As a Google All-Star Agency, we pride ourselves on the fact that we leverage the search giant’s most cutting edge tools to maximize your return on media investment. We also cultivate other non-Googly partnerships in the e-commerce, programmatic and SEO space.


Here at McKay we use digital marketing to drive leads to our clients using data driven tactics. We quantify every action we commit too and can give you a precise understanding of your ROI for your Ad spend. All actions are 100% backed by Google since we are a Google All-Star Agency.

July 12 • 11:30AM - 1:30PM
Join us for Google Partners Connect

Online advertising can help any business grow. You’re invited to join us for an event, co-hosted with Google, about how digital marketing can help you thrive on the Web. Join us for a jam-packed afternoon of presentations and panel discussions with advertising industry leaders as we tackle a challenge familiar to all marketers.

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Digital and traditional media can have similar characteristics.  For traditional media, let’s use radio as an example.  There are certain radio stations that better serve certain demographics; an alt-rock station will reach 18-34 year old men more effectively, while an easy listening station will reach 35-64 year old women more effectively.

Likewise, in digital media, each programmatic platform has certain capabilities that can be better leveraged.  For instance, access to inventory for display and video can be a great boost for one platform, while another platform may benefit more from its easy 1st party data interface which results in better targeting.  Thus, you can see the importance of having experience with a plethora of digital platforms.  Here is a list of some of our partners:

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