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Must Read for marketers : The Next 18 Months – Nobody Watches Commercials Anymore

This is part two of a four part essay MA+A founder Bob McKay wrote to explain why everything about digital advertising is about to change in the next 18 months. Bob is a confirmed speaker at the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Disruption Day on Oct. 1, but will lead MA+A’s FREE Digital Breakfast with Google on Sept. 17. Register for one of our limited seats.

Traditional media marketing is not being consumed even when the program is being watched. 42% of all TV programming is time shifted, and 78% of time shifted viewing commercials are skipped.

Even the media you buy through traditional avenues is not delivering what it was five years ago. Do you want to guess the number one reason people timeshift video programming? Nope… convenience, but if they have the show taped, they’re not going to watch the commercials.

This makes the ads you buying on cable or broadcast less valuable. There are ways of buying news and live programming to cut down on this challenge, but most companies have grown privy to this technique, which has driven up pricing in those areas. As technologies develop, the consumer uses these for convenience and autonomy. The programs are more valuable to them for binge watching or at the times they want to view. This is just a fact.

However what that fact means to marketers is they can’t get the impact out of their traditional media buys that they did five years ago.

These traditional media outlets are losing scale everyday, while the consumer simultaneously has more capabilities to avoid marketing messages. For example last Sunday we had no taped programming to view. My wife and I watched an ID discovery, or “murder” as we like to call it. During that hour I felt like a neanderthal not being able to skip the commercials. The actual advertisements, for the most part, are entertaining and quality, but you just don’t have time for it.I have four kids so 18 minutes can be a quick kitchen sweep, new light bulb, sweep through the house, or read business emails.

Nothing against cable, but I will not be available anymore to that kind of marketing. Most consumers are now reacting in that manner and as marketers we need to realize someone is “moving our cheese.”

Click Here to read part one of Bob’s four part essay explaining why everything about digital advertising is about to change in the next 18 months. Join MA+A’s FREE Digital Breakfast with Google on Sept. 17 by registering for one of our limited seats.

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