Cybercon Florida: A LinkedIn Success

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Cybercon Florida: A LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn Advertising, see how we helped this client achieve amazing results with only half the budget as the previous year

About Cyber Florida: The Florida Center for Cybersecurity (Cyber Florida) is a state-funded organization dedicated to positioning Florida as a national leader in cybersecurity through education and workforce development; innovative, interdisciplinary research; and community outreach.


Let’s not complicate this: Increase the attendance of the annual Cybersecurity Convention with ½ the budget as the prior year.

MA+A Strategy

We utilized LinkedIn Advertising + Retargeting Display and experimented with newer platforms such as Reddit & Twitter.

LinkedIn: Sponsored Content & InMail

Sponsored Content: Upper & Mid Funnel


Step 1: We targeted individuals on LinkedIn with IT related titles, software engineer related titles, professors in the field & every C-Level title across the state of Florida. This ran for two weeks and allowed us to build up our retargeting pool.

Fig 1: Ad in LinkedIn news feed



Step 2: The sponsored content strategy was then segmented into various groups. These groups were categorized by the industry the audience was in and specific creative was used for each. E.g. One of the speakers work in the financial sector so we created a segment with all individuals who work in that sector and hit them with the ad below. This was done for various industries.

Fig 2: Financial segment Ad


Sponsored InMail: Lower Funnel
We looked at which job titles responded positively to the Sponsored Content in terms of who clicked on the ad and who purchased a ticket. We picked the Top 10 titles and then sent a message to each person in their inbox prompting them to purchase a ticket to the convention. The effectiveness of this strategy stemmed from the fact that these individuals were either already exposed to the Sponsored Content Ads or they were similar in job title to those who were. This meant they were more likely to purchase a ticket.

Retargeting + Display
Due to the high quality of individuals driven to the site using LinkedIn professional targeting, the pool of website visitors was extremely qualified and ready to convert. This meant that the retargeting pool had a higher conversion rate than average and was the lynchpin in terms of getting final ticket sales. This was mainly because people were more likely to purchase tickets closer to the event date.

Reddit + Twitter
We experimented with these platforms to test their usability. By targeting communities related to, or interested in, cybersecurity & hacking we saw success. Reddit saw a higher level of activation in terms of lower CPMs, CPCs & more ticket sales. As soon as we realized Twitter wasn’t performing as well, we immediately optimized and switched all the budget to Reddit.

Results + Growth
The results were phenomenal!
• 29% increase in attendees
• 22% increase in ticket sales
• Lower cost per purchase (higher profit)
• Increased awareness & social engagement

“McKay Advertising + Activation created a highly targeted campaign that ensured our advertising was reaching exactly the audience we needed for our event. We achieved 29 percent growth in attendance over the previous year on only half the budget!” – Kate Whitaker-Communications & Marketing

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