Medical Device: BioDerm / Men’s Liberty

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Medical Device: BioDerm / Men’s Liberty

BioDerm / Men’s Liberty, an AMA award-nominated case study diving into the intricacies of successfully navigating the healthcare space. find out how we designed a HIPPA compliant customer journey, a functional  UX & UI website, increased customers using paid media and automated emails and much more.


Executive Summary
Our medical device client was searching for a way to increase the number of leads they were driving to their sales reps and increase sales. The ultimate goal was to design and track the journey of the customer from Awareness to Retention and all the touchpoints in between.

There was a disconnect between the online & offline world from the time moment the sales rep would interact with the lead, to when they would become a customer. This was driving total sales and reorder rates down.

McKay Advertising + Activation developed a 45-point Customer Journey design. The customer journey design

1. A Cohesive Media Plan (10 touchpoints)
• Taking control of the Awareness portion of the customer journey and then driving customers to convert
• TV, Print, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Retargeting, Custom Audiences, Phone Calls, Collect leads via forms, Process insurance information through detailed forms

2. Website Development
Build a highly convertible website

3. Marketing Automation Program (35 touchpoints)
A 35-point touch automated program designed to nurture leads based on where in the customer journey they list. From Consideration >Retention

4. Lead Segmentation
Leads: Broken down into:
• Good leads
• Opportunity leads
• In-the-process leads

5. Customer Segmentation
Customers: Broken down into:
• First time customers
• Repeat customers combined with inventory levels website

6. Cross Platform Sync
A fully trackable system implemented to track sales rep interaction on the client side to internal uses to nurture customers via the marketing automaton program

7. Real-Time Attribution
Our real time reporting system that allows tracking for all aspects of the campaign in one portal


After implementing the design the client has been able to:
1. Make internal decision to influence business decisions using the data provided
2. Revamp their internal structure and trim the fat in the organization
3. Digitize their sales process
4. Increase productivity of their sales rep

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