Thursday Thoughts On Advertising 13

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Every Thursday we look at the trends/updates/interesting articles found in the Marketing + Advertising + Tech industry. Each submission is presented by a different MA+A employee and covers various topics applicable to our business. The following are professional opinions, summaries or both.

This week we’ll look at: Google Ad’s, Augmented Reality, The Marketing Funnel, Snapchat’s Advertising Updates + YouTube’s Latest Updates.

Digital Advertising


Bob McKay
President + Founder

Responsive Display Ads See the article here

On average, advertisers see 10% more conversions at a similar CPA when using multiple headlines, descriptions, and images with responsive display ads (versus a single set of assets)”

These new ads allow for more testing nuance and data gathering to optimize for better performance. The tight feedback loop on how the images mesh with the titles allows for optimal messaging and brand building.


Alex Andrews
Director of Social Advertising

Snapchat Will Not Be Left In The Dust  See the article here

Snapchat keeps catching up!  In preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season, Snapchat unveiled some new features for their self-serve ad platform that will be especially helpful for e-commerce campaigns. The main two additions are:

  1. An interface that opens up a product feed with descriptions WITHIN the Snapchat app without having to direct out of the application and go to a landing page
  2. Segmented Snapchat Pixel events, which allows advertisers to not only retarget general website visitors or app users, but also to target specific visitors who have completed a certain event, such as those that added items to cart but didn’t check out, or spent over 30 seconds on site, etc.

This will help significantly with lower-funnel campaigns for many advertisers and shows Snapchat is quickly making advances in their platform to make it a viable alternative (or companion) to Facebook and Instagram campaigns.


Eric Ortiz 
Director of Sales + Acquisition

YouTube Is There For You See the article here.

Every single day, more and more brands are realizing that they need to be available for their consumers to interact with them online. It’s no longer about selling B2C products, but rather, so much more than that. This article describes the new releases from YouTube and its ability to affect so many different industries like buying movie tickets, downloading apps, or booking a trip! That combined with the Brand Lift metrics being imported directly into the Google Ads platform is starting to make YouTube even more of a formidable force than it already was.


Christian Bayne
Director of Content Strategy + Market Research

Marketing Funnel Changes  See the article here.

After extensive research by Google, they’ve found that the traditional marketing funnel, Awareness-Consideration-Decision-Conversion, is changing. After reading this article I somewhat disagree. In my opinion it’s still a pretty linear process, the only thing that varies is the number of touch points. However, the three main takeaways from the article are definitely relevant- 1) Align marketing to business outcomes 2) Be useful 3) Automate everything.


Matthew Giardino
Sr. Platform Manager

The New Ear Of Purchasing A Car See the article here

USAA is rolling out a new AR powered app that will allow consumers to match their financial profile with a car that is in front of their camera to create a personalized shopping experience. The new app is changing the shopping experience for those seeking to purchase cars as they will be able to see in real time what their estimated car and insurance payments will be. USAA is looking to streamline the car shopping experience and reduce the number of touch-points needed in research. The digital experience is changing how we do things, even buying a car.

We hope you enjoyed these snippets of information that we chose to share. Look out for the upcoming #ThursdayThoughts post. (Yes, it’ll be on Thursday). See our previous post here.

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