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Formed in 2005, our advertising strategies have always been rooted in strategy and guided by data. In 2009, we set our sights on digital media and reoriented our focus toward programmatic advertising. With the shift, we immersed ourselves into data analytics and in turn, developed more accurate performance forecasts for our customers. The strong focus on technology and data has refined our media capabilities and has given us the ability to generate higher ROI’s for our customers.



No open positions at this time, please check back!


About Our Internships:

Compensation: Unpaid
Duration: Temporary / Seasonal

Employer Preferences:

Allowed School Years: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Masters, Graduating May 2015 – May 2024
Allowed Majors: All Digital Communication, Communication & Media Studies, Advertising, and Public Relations majors
Work Authorization Requirements: US work authorization is required, but the employer is willing to sponsor candidates

Company Details:

Company Size: 1 – 10 Employees
Industry: Advertising, PR & Marketing Industry
Company Type: Private Company
Location: 1517 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605, United States

Responsibilities: “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Ben Parker

  • Identify the habits of our existing clients and suggest ways to reach a broader audience

  • Collaborate with other departments to make awesome happen. “Awesome” can include but is not limited to innovative actions and products across the digital landscape, cutting-edge creative experiences, and non-traditional campaigns

  • Collaborate with team members to integrate analytics and data-driven thinking into the whole agency

  • Research and present on how emerging social networks, features, and tools can benefit our agency and our clients

  • Participate in departmental meetings, committee meetings, staff meetings and marketing meetings related to the agency

  • Amending, revising or redeveloping campaigns in response to feedback

  • Write compelling and grammatically clean content to ensure the agency & client ’s value proposition and unique selling points engage the target audience across multiple digital and marketing channels

  • Research ways to continuously improve S.E.O performance, K.P.I’s and other analytics.

So Why Join? We have cookies? okay, in all seriousness …

  • You want to kick ass and change the status quo

  • You want Infinite knowledge about everything… advertising.

  • You want an Innovative work environment

  • Word on the street is, you’re looking for academic credit? we got you covered.

  • You want to be able to have a flexible schedule to balance your crime fighting


Passionate About the Result

Our growing team of industry experts offer unique perspectives on each project we encounter. Our strength stems from the diversity of our team and also their innate desire to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly bring new ideas to the table and optimize for what works best specific to your needs.


Bob Mckay

President | Owner | CEO

Eric Ortiz

Executive Director of Sales & Acquisition

Matt Giardino

Executive Director of Digital Media

Christian Bayne

Director of Content Strategy & Market Research

Alex Andrews

Director of Social Advertising

Loc Pham

Digital Platform Manager

Megan Conison

Senior Media Associate

Dawn Clark

Senior Level Designer

Dillon Calligy

Associate Director of Digital Media


Jennifer Leigh Crawford

Media Director


Val Pinchbeck

Video Director


Walt Marsicano

Audio Producer



At McKay Advertising + Activation, we harness the power of data insights to create fluid digital experiences that connect with your audience. Paired with the strategic framework laid out by our team informed by an intimate knowledge of programmatic advertising, calculated decisions are formulated for your omni-channel media plan. Our methodical process culminates in deadly accurate advertising strategies that will skillfully support your business.


Data is the fuel that drives our decisions at McKay Advertising + Activation and feeds our ROI-driven algorithms. The most valuable data you can obtain is your own data. Every offline and online marketing campaign with the aim of bringing visitors to your website provides the opportunity to obtain data. Whether it is segmenting website visitors or using CRM data, all your touchpoints can potentially be leveraged and used to reach your audience and increase ROI. McKay Advertising + Activation works with you to capture and employ your data assets to achieve your marketing goals more efficiently.
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