Programmatic Buying for ALL Media

The media world is changing and that includes the transaction of traditional media TV, Radio, Outdoor as well as digital. These media are now all available through programmatic auction-based buying platforms.

Prospect and Customer Digital Communication

1st Party Data & Customer LTV Architecture - Email, SMS, Phone Accessing the right consumer with a commercial message is easy, but gaining their attention is difficult. At MA+A we truly believe this statement and it drives us to activate every brand message with the consumer with an ask to continue the conversation.

Activation Bridge

The Activation Bridge is what makes MA+A unique. It is our process where we move brands from a soft metric model of advertising, CPM, CTR, CPP and others reaching the consumer with message metrics, to a ROI performance marketing strategy.

Communication Activation

We have extensive expertise and experience with Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and others. A key tactic within these channels is the ability to have consumer’s transfer their data for further communication through Lead Gen Forms.

Website and Digital Storefront

A website should serve as the digital embodiment of a brand; reflecting its mission, beautifully displaying its products or services, and working seamlessly to give customers a great user experience (UX). The best websites are designed with a purpose.

Open Source Knowledge

Our Bi-weekly meetings are the most enlightening part of my week. We learn so much from our bi-weekly meeting with MA+A to review our campaign performance” Sarah Moore Hyde Park Village.